Comic 8 - Ferret Fun Facts 1

Mar 9, 2017
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Comic Transcript:

FERRET: Baby ferrets are called kits.
Adult males are hobs.
Adult females are jills, unless they're spayed, in which case they are called sprites.

PENGUIN: What do you call a castrated male ferret, then?

FERRET: We don't ... we don't talk about that.

PENGUIN: Wait! It's "gib," right? That's why I heard one of the lab techs calling you Gib. You've been--

FERRET: --now is a great time to shut up, Homer.

Author Notes:

Gary Robson 9th Mar 2017, 9:28 PM edit delete
Gary Robson
This is why you have such a mellow personality, Ferret!

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