Comic 16 - Seven Deadly Planets

Apr 10, 2017
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Comic Transcript:

As you've probably heard, NASA discovered seven planets around the red dwarf star Trappist-1. There have been many suggestions for names, ranging from the seven dwarves to German beers. I have a better idea...

Tourism is a large (and necessary) part of the future of space travel and space exploration. We need to give these planets names that will make people want to go there. Names that will make people brag about the trip that they took. In that vein, let me present my theme for naming the planets...

...the Seven Deadly Sins!

I'm torn between vacationing on Sloth or Gluttony.

Author Notes:

Gary Robson 10th Apr 2017, 7:32 AM edit delete
Gary Robson
It must have taken the ferret a long time to draw those planets on the blackboard. He's pretty good.

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